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Senseo Coffee Pods, Senseo Coffee Makers, Senseo Accessories

This variety pack includes Extra Strong, Strong, Classic, and Mocca for only $59.10 plus $6.00 S&H. 

If this is not the variety you want please contact us and we can ship any 4 bags of the available Senseo XL 48 ct bags.


With Senseo coffee pods, you can brew with confidence knowing you are using biodegradable and compostable coffee pods! Senseo's eco-friendly coffee machines are composed of recycled plastics engineered to produce delicious coffee and still remain environmentally friendly. High quality, durability, perfectly brewed coffee with minimal environmental impact.

Utz is a certification given to coffee growers who want to produce their product with care for people and the environment. The certification ensures the best use of fertilizers, pesticides, water, and energy. The accreditation also considers the treatment of the coffee farmers and their families. Coffee growers with an UTZ certification make sure their workers have labor rights, housing, and health care and that the children of the farmers are going to school and not just working on the farm.  UTZ certified growers are committed to creating a sustainable, viable coffee market and Senseo is proud to be one of them! 



Click Cafe Latte VanillaCappuccino ChocoSenseo Espresssoor Decaf for quick purchase!

Below is a list of Senseo name changes:

Senseo Dark Roast - Senseo Strong or Extra Strong

Senseo Medium Roast - Senseo Classic

Senseo Sumatra - Classic or Strong

Hey, Senseo Lovers,

Your morning cup of gourmet coffee just got an upgrade.

The Original Senseo Machine that you’ve fallen in love with has a whole new set of features to blow you away—and it’s available NOW at Dave’s Coffee.

New Senseo Coffee Machine updates:

  •       Shorter spout to accommodate larger mugs
  •       Removable 40.6 oz XL water tank for up to 8 cups per refill
  •       Brew-stop allows more control over each brew
  •       CoffeeBoost technology to capture all the pod’s flavor

If you’re looking for better flavor from your K-Cup coffee, look no further.
This is the place to get everything your morning coffee needs.

We are a certified Senseo distributor whose promise
of quick shipping & volume discounts is backed by years of service.

Here you always receive Senseo gourmet coffee
fresher than you’ll find at the store, because we believe fresh is best.