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Senseo Coffee Pods, Senseo Coffee Makers, Senseo Accessories

More Senseo flavors and blends are coming soon! 

Some flavors are currently out of stock. Below is a list of similar flavors to try in the meantime!
Senseo Dark Roast - try Senseo Strong or Extra Strong
Senseo Medium Roast - try Senso Classic
Senseo Espresso - try Sense Extra Strong
Senseo Sumatra - try Senseo Classic or Strong



Celebrate Earth Week with an April Sale!
With Senseo coffee pods, you can brew with confidence knowing you are using biodegradable and compostable coffee pods! Senseo's eco-friendly coffee machines are composed of recycled plastics engineered to produce delicious coffee and still remain environmentally friendly. High quality, durability, perfectly brewed coffee with minimal environmental impact.

Dave’s Coffee is offering an exclusive deal for every new machine purchase!

If you buy your new Senseo Coffee Machine we will give you 4 free bags of new Senseo flavors! You will receive extra strong, strong, classic & mild.   

Click here to start building your order and the new Senseo Coffee Machine—plus 4 bags of Senseo pods for only $149.99 including S&H! 

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Trust us, your mornings will thank you.




Hey, Senseo Lovers,

Your morning cup of gourmet coffee just got an upgrade.

The Original Senseo Machine that you’ve fallen in love with has a whole new set of features to blow you away—and it’s available NOW at Dave’s Coffee.

New Senseo Coffee Machine updates:

  •       Shorter spout to accommodate larger mugs
  •       Removable 40.6 oz XL water tank for up to 8 cups per refill
  •       Brew-stop allows more control over each brew
  •       CoffeeBoost technology to capture all the pod’s flavor

Senseo Coffee Pods
  • Breakfast Blend – This smooth and bright brew has a mild flavor just right for starting your day (18 coffee pods per bag).
  • Colombian Blend – Want a strong, full taste? This aromatic brew will remind you how coffee is supposed to taste (16 coffee pods per bag).
  • Decaffeinated – Keep it in low gear without sacrificing flavor with this medium roast cup (18 coffee pods per bag).
  • Kona Blend – Ahhh, Senseo's newest blend: 10% Kona beans. Need we say more? Try it and let us know (16 coffee pods per bag).
  • Paris French Vanilla - A simply sweet French vanilla caramel blend that will transport you to the streets of Paris (16 coffee pods per bag).
  • Vienna Hazelnut - A smooth dance of hazelnut, vanilla, and mocha to keep your feet moving and a smile on your lips (16 coffee pods per bag).

    If you’re looking for better flavor from your K-Cup coffee, look no further.
    This is the place to get everything your morning coffee needs.

    We are a certified Senseo distributor whose promise
    of quick shipping & volume discounts is backed by years of service.

    Here you always receive Senseo gourmet coffee
    fresher than you’ll find at the store, because we believe fresh is best. 

    Try our Café Classics and Donut Shop Coffee & Tea Pods

    They’re all compatible with Senseo coffee makers and
    most other single-serve coffee brewers

    Not sure where to start? Our variety sampler packs are available
    at a reduced price to get you going.