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Senseo Douwe Egberts Sumatra Blend Coffee Pods

Senseo Douwe Egberts Sumatra Blend Coffee Pods

Senseo Douwe Egberts Sumatra Blend Coffee Pods
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Senseo Sumatra Blend Coffee Pods


Arabica beans from the Mountainous regions of Sumatra form the base of this blend, the character of which is enhanced with other high quality Arabica beans from the finest coffee regions in the world. These Sumatra Arabica beans have an intense an lively taste. Following the hand picked harvest the coffee beans are locally cultivated with the wet method and then dried in the sun. To stimulate the strong and full taste this blend is roasted extra strong by our coffee roasters.
Specially-designed SENSEO coffee pods are measured servings of coffee that give you a full, smooth taste and aroma. The coffee blends are selected and roasted by the premier European company Douwe Egberts, with a 250 year heritage. The new Senseo varieties capture the exciting feeling of great European cities by offering a full range of subtly flavored coffees made from the finest gourmet beans. Each Mildly flavored variety will send you on a sensational journey to one of Europe's fantastic cities. Senseo is the only brand to present the unique experience of a perfect cup of coffee with a frothy coffee layer

Product Features
• Sumatra blend
• 16 fresh and flavorful coffee pods per bag, made specifically for the Senseo coffee machine
• Great taste of our gourmet coffee with varied hints of flavor
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