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Café Classics

Café Classics

Whether you love a smooth cup, an intense cup, an aromatic flavored cup, or a soothing cup of tea, Café Classics makes it in a pod for you. Choose from a variety of coffees handpicked from only the finest Arabica beans. We travel around the world to source the very best coffees and then roast them to perfection for a classic cup of coffee. Café Classics coffee pods are conveniently packed in 15-count boxes, allowing you the convenience to try all of our pods, whether you prefer mild, medium, bold, or extra bold. Or perhaps you prefer flavors, decaf, or tea? Café Classics has it all. Our coffee pods are offered at a fair and competitive price and being compostable, they are friendly to our environment. Café Classics coffee pods are ground immediately before packing and we remove 98% of the oxygen in the pod to ensure the freshest pod available. You're sure to taste the difference in a Café Classics coffee pod!
  • Each pod is individually packaged so that each pod stays fresh until ready to use
  • The pods are 61-mm round flat top (emerging as the industry standard) for maximum compatibility
  • Each pod is packed with exactly the right amount of coffee for an 8-ounce cup
  • Roasted and packaged by National Coffee Roasters (roasted on demand to ensure the freshest coffee pod available)

Available Café Classics Coffee Pods
To celebrate the season, we have 3 exciting Café Classic flavors:

Pumpkin Crème Brulee, a warming flavor mixture of pumpkin pie, spices, and crème brulee;
Horchata, made with rich milk, almonds, cinnamon, and caramel;
Suzie Q’s Whoopie Pie, a yummy rich chocolate cake and sweet cream flavor.

Breakfast Blend - MILD - Great central blend
Colombia Bucaramanga - MILD - Rich and full-bodied
Guatemala Antigua - MILD - Bright and winey
Kona Blend - MILD - Floral, crisp, and sweet
Sumatra Mandheling - MILD - Heavy, rich, and syrupy
French Roast - BOLD - Smoky and pungent
Classic Extra Bold - BOLD - Did we say bold?
Espresso Extra Bold - Darkest Roast - Daring, decadent, BOLD
Decaf Colombian - MEDIUM - Rich and piquant
Decaf Hazelnut - MEDIUM - Rich, nutty, and spicy
French Vanilla - MEDIUM - Full flavor and sweet aroma
Hazelnut - MEDIUM - Rich, nutty, and spicy
J' Maka Me Happy - MEDIUM - Caramel, vanilla, and rum
English Breakfast - TEA - Traditional Ceylon BOP and Darjeeling
Green Tea with Lemon - TEA - China's finest green tea with lemon
Herbal Fruit - TEA - Fruity with hints of spice
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