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The Senseo Single-Serve Gourmet Coffee Experience

The Senseo Single-Serve Gourmet Brewing System lets you savor a single serving of fresh gourmet coffee at the touch of a button; just the way you like it, whenever you like it. Say goodbye to messy filters and coffee grounds! The patented Senseo brewing process heats the water to an exact temperature and extracts the best taste and aroma from the coffee. At the touch of a button, your ideal cup of fresh coffee is ready to enjoy in under a minute! The result is always a delicious cup of fresh gourmet coffee, with a frothy layer that only the Senseo brewing system can make at home.

Chef’s Best Award

We were awarded the ChefsBest™ award for best performing single-serve coffee appliance. The ChefsBest™ award for performance is awarded to the brand rated highest overall among leading brands by independent professional chefs.


Choose from many varieties of Senseo gourmet coffee, tea, and cappuccino pods. Now you can serve different coffee varieties without the hassle of making multiple pots! You can also create your own blend of coffee by combining two different coffee flavors. Varieties available include: dark roast, medium roast, decaffeinated, Vienna Hazelnut Waltz, Paris French Vanilla, Sumatra Blend, Colombia Blend, and Kenya Blend. We also offer Espresso, Breakfast Blend, and Kona.

The History of Senseo®

The Senseo® coffee pod system is the result of a dynamic partnership between electronics experts Philips and coffee roasters Douwe Egberts, both world-renowned companies originally from the Netherlands.Working in tandem, the two innovators developed every aspect of the Senseo® coffee pod system—from its patented brewing process to its one-of-a-kind coffee pods. Determined to deliver a gourmet cup of fresh coffee, the Senseo® team collaborated for many years to perfect the Senseo® coffee pod system.

Douwe Egberts/Sara Lee

In 1753, Douwe Egberts began selling coffee, tea, and tobacco from a small shop in Joure, The Netherlands, named “De Witte Os” (or “The White Ox”). When his son joined the family business in 1780, he expanded it to bring coffee and tea throughout the region. Gradually, Douwe and his descendants built a company that grew to become the Dutch market leader of coffee and tea. Since 1978, Douwe Egberts and Sara Lee Corporation have teamed up to become the second largest coffee roaster in the world. Sara Lee/DE, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, is a subsidiary of Sara Lee Corporation of Chicago.

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