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Senseo Single

It can be argued that there is no better way to start your day than with a delicious cup of coffee. Senseo single pods make that possible right from the comfort of your own home. The coffee pods Senseo offers are packed full of wake-me-up flavor and aroma and will fill you with pure bliss.

The Freedom of Senseo Pods

Mornings tend to be a little rough – most of us don’t like to get up early and we’re usually in a rush to get ready and out the door on time. Senseo allows you to save some of that time with their quick and easy-to-use coffee pods. Stop getting up extra early and rushing around just to make extra time to swing by the coffee shop on your commute. Senseo coffee pods give you this freedom. Here, you can find almost anything you would want to know about Senseo single coffee pods and their machines. If you need more machine-specific help, you can check out Philip’s support for Senseo machines page, which seems to be very helpful.

Coffee Pods by Senseo

Our Senseo single coffee pods come in several different blends, which include:

Flavored Blends

  • Senseo French Vanilla – 16 pods, mild vanilla flavor with a hint of caramel
  • Senseo Hazelnut – 16 pods, delicious hazelnut flavor with a touch of chocolate

Regional Blends

  • Senseo Colombian – 16 pods, aromatic coffee with a strong, full flavor
  • Senseo Kona – 16 pods, fruity tones, chocolate accents, and bold aroma
  • Senseo Sumatra Blend – 16 pods, intense Arabica beans with a dark, robust, & slightly sweet flavor

Classic Blends

  • Senseo Breakfast Blend – 18 pods, smooth, bright, crisp flavor to start your day off right
  • Senseo Medium Roast – 18 pods, rich and aromatic, great any-time coffee
  • Senseo Dark Roast – 18 pods, full-bodied yet smooth and flavorful
  • Senseo Espresso – 16 pods, smooth and strong with a fine crema layer
  • Senseo Decaffeinated – 18 pods, same as Senseo Medium Roast but with no caffeine

With this many assortments, it’ll be hard not to find a flavor of Senseo pods that you love. Reduce your morning commute time and rid yourself of the hassles and messes of traditional coffee grounds; take the easy way out with Senseo single pods instead. If you would like to learn more about this amazing timesaving brand, here is some information and a brief history of Senseo.

Dave’s Coffee Shop and More offers everything you need to have a “Senseosational” morning - low prices, fast shipping, and volume discounts. If you’re ready to order, check out our Senseo single pods or our Senseo compatible products.
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