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  1. Solofill K3 Chrome

    The SoloFill K3 Chrome is a refillable filter cup for use with Keurig and many other coffee brewers. It has an advanced Decaflo spray head and micro-foil filter pattern to provide you with the perfectly brewed cup of coffee and no “sludge” left over when you’re done. With the SoloFill K3 Chrome, you save money and the environment at the same time.

    Use the Solofill K3 Chrome with Your Favorite Coffee or Coffee Pods

    Since we can’t all be so lucky as to have our favorite coffee flavor come in a K-Cup, the SoloFill K3 Chrome is here to save the day…or at least our morning. With this Solofill cup, you can use your favorite ground coffee –or grind your own– no matter what brand or flavor it is, and it will come out tasting and smelling like oh-so-sweet bliss. But what do you do when you want to try a new flavor that’s only available in coffee pods and don’t want to buy a new machine? With the SoloFill K3 Chrome, you have a couple of options: you can either shape the pod into a ball and cut a hole in the top of it to allow the water to flow through then pop it into the filter, or you can simply cut open the pod and pour the grounds directly into the SoloFill K3 Chrome cup. Whichever way you choose, you’ve now got an easy way to try a new flavor, and you didn’t even have to buy a new expensive machine to do it.

    If you need a few more reasons to try this reusable filter cup, check out solofill.com, and read their explanations on why you should choose the SoloFill K3 Chrome. There is also a compatibility chart, which lists all of the brewers –Keurig and others– that they have tested with the K3.

    Multiple Benefits with the Solofill 3

    In addition to the fact that you can use whatever coffee you like, there are also several other benefits to using the SoloFill K3 Chrome. There are too many to go into all of them in this article, but here are a few of them to get you started:

    Easy preparation
    Easy use
    Easy cleanup
    Maximize the coffee and minimize the sludge
    Piano hinge lid is guaranteed not to break
    Water is evenly distributed, soaking and steeping every last ground of coffee

    Still not convinced? Read this detailed review and see if it doesn’t explain how the SoloFill K3 Chrome will be the icing on your cake (or should we say, the froth on your coffee).

    If want to see the SoloFill K3 Chrome in action, you can watch this demonstration of how it works.

    Order your SoloFill K3 Chrome today and you could be enjoying your favorite coffee, in your current brewer, right from the comfort of your own kitchen, before you know it!
  2. DavesCoffeePods.com has Solofill K3 Chrome Cups!

    Did you know that by using the Solofill K3 Chrome, you will be helping the environment?
    In 2011, over 6 million single serve K-Cup type products were consumed.  That’s more than enough waste, to circle the earth more than 6 times.  Most of those products are non-biodegradable, non-recyclable material that unfortunately ends up in our landfills.

    Solofill K3 Chrome is a Refillable Filter Cup for Keurig Brewers.  It features a fixed micro-foil chrome filter, Decaflo Hot Water Distribution System, and super easy clean-up.  In addition, it is reusable, BPA free, and you can use your favorite Coffee Pods from davescoffeepods.com. 
    Not only does the Solofill K3 Chrome help you do your part for the environment, it will save you money.

    Why Use Coffee Pods in the Solofill K3 Chrome:
    • Compostable (Less Landfill Waste)
    • Economical (Up to 50% less than other Single Serve Coffee)
    • Freshness and Variety (Coffee Pods are Made to Order)
    • Better Brew (Pods are Pre-infused and pulse brewed which makes a better cup of Coffee)
    So for the breakdown:  with the Solofill K3 Chrome you will #1-Have a better tasting coffee, #2-It’s a “Greener Alternative”, and #3-It’s More Economical.
    Check out the Solofill K3 Chrome on davescoffeepods.com today.  You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Davescoffeepods.com is Now Selling Solofill K3 Chrome

    For all of you that have been waiting for Dave’s to start selling Solofill, your wait is over! 
    The Solofill K3 Chrome is a Refillable Filter Cup for use with Keurig Brewers.  The Solofill K3 Chrome has the innovative Decaflo Spray Head in combination with Micro Foil filter pattern, to give you a perfectly brewed, rich, and full-bodied cup of coffee every time.  Solofill K3 gives you the opportunity to save the environment from being polluted with plastic cups, and save you money by using your own coffee.

    Benefits of the Solofill K3 Chrome:
    ·         Save your Money while you’re reducing Impact to the Environment
    ·         Easy Cleaning
    ·         BPA Free
    ·         One Piece Design with Hinged Lid
    ·         Use your Favorite Coffee Pod
    ·         Works Perfectly with Loose Leaf Tea
    ·         Has the Decaflo Spray Head System

    The bonuses of Micro Foil Technology:  Maximizes the extraction of coffee and minimizes the “sludge” at the bottom of your cup.  The Bonuses of the Decaflo Spray Head:  The Decaflo Spray Head has 10 vertical inlets that evenly distribute hot water all through the Solofill K3 Chrome, ensuring that ALL the coffee grounds are steeped to absolute perfection.

    Solofill K3 Chrome is a 2-step process to a single delicious cup of coffee.  Step 1:  Fill the Solofill K3 Chrome with your favorite coffee pod.  (Shape the coffee pod into a ball, push and puncture the coffee pod into the piercing tip in the top of the Solofill K3)  Step 2:  Close the lid, and you’re ready to brew. 

    Solofill K3 Chrome is compatible with all Keurig K-Cup brewing systems, with exception to the Keurig Vue.  The best part is you can use your favorite coffee or tea pod from davescoffeepods.com.  You can also use your favorite ground coffee in the Solofill K3 Chrome.
    Check out davescoffeepods.com today to try out the Solofill K3 Chrome.  All of you Keurig users won’t be disappointed.

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