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  1. Marley Single

    If you’ve never tried Marley single pods, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Marley Coffee, founded in 2010 by legendary musician Bob Marley’s son Rohan, offers sustainably grown, ethically farmed, artisan roasted coffees worldwide. When you visit the Marley Coffee site, you’ll find many of the words that the Marley family lives by such as passion, inspiration, transformation, and their famous sign-off of “One Love.” All Marley single coffee beans have one or more of the following certifications: Organic, Jamaica Blue Mountain®, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, Swiss Water® Process, or Kosher.

    Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Coffee

    Rainforest Alliance certification is a relatively new term but has been recently popping up everywhere as companies vie for the coveted certification proving that their products and farming standards consist of the highest and best-followed practices. Farmers who hold the Rainforest Alliance certification are audited on an annual basis to ensure that these high criteria are still being met. These high standards help protect the consumer by essentially showing proof that every quality control procedure available is set in place.

    Rainforest Alliance certification doesn’t only protect the consumer, however. It is even more helpful to the coffee farms and farmers because its regulations protect biodiversity, encourage gender equity, foster a culture of respect for workers and local communities, deliver financial benefits to farmers, promote decent living and working conditions for workers, and provide access to education for children in farm communities.

    Marley Single Coffee Pods

    Here is a list of the Marley coffee pods that we currently have available, along with their certifications:

    • Get Up, Stand Up – Light roast; organic blend; organic, kosher, Arabica beans

    • Lively Up – Medium-Dark roast; organic espresso, kosher, Arabica beans

    • One Love – Medium roast; 100% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe; organic, kosher, Arabica beans

    • Simmer Down – Dark; Swiss Water® process decaf; organic, kosher, Arabica beans

    • Smile Jamaica – Medium roast; 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain®, Rainforest Alliance Certified™

    We also carry Marley tea pods in Masala Chai Tea, Rooibos Citron Tea, and White Citrus Tea flavors.

    Two years ago, Marley single coffee was named “The Undisputed Best Brand” by Single Serve Coffee. Single Serve Coffee has been taste-testing coffee for quite a while, so they’ve pretty much got it down to a science. They have rigorous standards by which they rate the aroma, acidity, body, flavor, and mouth feel of each cup of coffee, and they even suggest which type of coffee drinkers would prefer each specific coffee. Check out the article above, along with the Marley Coffee site, and then try to find one good reason why you shouldn’t be placing your own order for Marley single coffee pods or Marley tea pods right now.

  2. Marley Coffee Pods

    The Marley coffee pods at Dave’s Coffee are special. Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley and founder of Marley Coffee, lives his life with passion, inspiration, and transformation, and all of that goes into the coffee beans that he grows. Everything that goes into the coffee beans also goes into the coffee pods. Marley is determined to deliver a mouth-watering aroma and full, smooth flavor in every cup of coffee made with Marley coffee pods. His dream is to inspire the world through coffee, just as his father did through music. You can almost taste the passion now.

    Dave’s Coffee is currently offering the following flavors of Marley coffee pods:
    Marley Coffee Pods Dave's Coffee Shop and More

    Get Up, Stand Up – Light roast; organic blend; floral taste with a hint of lemon grass
    One Love – Medium roast; 100% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe; exotic berry and floral flavor
    Smile Jamaica – Medium roast; 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain; sweet, mellow, lingering flavor
    Lively Up – Dark roast; organic espresso; buttery caramel and sweet cocoa flavor
    Simmer Down Decaf – Decaf; Swiss Water® process; cocoa, nutmeg, and spice flavor

    In addition to our Marley coffee pods, we also carry these Marley tea pods:

    Masala Chai Tea – Sweet cinnamon, spicy ginger, and floral cardamom flavor
    Rooibos Citron Tea – Very high in antioxidants; caffeine-free; sweet, slightly nutty, refreshing citrus flavor
    White Citrus Tea – China’s white tea blended with a fresh citrus flavor

    Whether you drink five cups of coffee a day or five cups a year, you’ll love our Marley coffee pods all the same. The best part is, you don’t have to go buy a special coffee machine to use them because Marley coffee pods are compatible with most single-serve brewers (with the exception of the Kuerig 2.0 machine).

    Made with fresh, handpicked ingredients, perfectly processed, and bursting with amazing flavors and aromas, Marley coffee pods are good any time, any day and make great gifts for the coffee lovers in your life. Order your Marley coffee pods today at Dave’s Coffee Shop!

  3. Marley Coffee Pods

    There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than with our Marley Coffee pods. Rohan Marley, son of legendary musician Bob Marley, is the founder of Marley Coffee.

    Rohan’s dream was to be a farmer just like his father, and he now owns a self-sustainable, USDA & OCIA certified organic coffee farm atop Jamaica’s Blue Mountains where the beans for our Marley Coffee pods originate.

    Marley Coffee sources only the finest quality 100% Arabica coffee. Our coffee cherries are handpicked for quality control, graded by size, density, and color and then inspected by the CIB (Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica), giving your Marley Coffee pods the richest, boldest flavor possible.

    We carry six different types of Marley Coffee pods, including:

    One Love – exotic floral and berry notes tantalize your palate.
    Lively Up – hints of buttery caramel and sweet cocoa, along with a rich smooth finish.
    Get Up, Stand Up – bright, floral and smooth with a hint of lemon grass on the finish.
    Simmer Down – subtle aromas of cocoa, nutmeg, and spices fill this cup.
    Talkin’ Blues – a bouquet of floral aroma with balanced acidity and full body.

    We also carry Marley tea pods in the following flavors: Masala Chai Tea, White Citrus Tea, and Rooibos Citron Tea.

    If you just can’t decide which of these Marley Coffee pods sounds the most intriguing, we have a variety sampler pack, so you can try several flavors for one low price. Our variety sampler pack includes three each of the One Love, Lively Up, Simmer Down, and Get Up, Stand Up Marley Coffee pods. Order now at davescoffeepods.com and wake your taste buds up the right way!

  4. Marley Coffee Pods

    Marley Coffee PodsLooking for a new way to start your day?  How about trying Marley Coffee Pods?  There is a wide variety of Marley Coffee and Tea Pods to choose from at davescoffeepods.com that are sure to please.

    Marley Coffee Pods

    • Get Up, Stand Up – offers a mild sweetly balanced blend that is bright, floral, and smooth with a hint of lemon grass.
    • Jamaica Blue Mountain – is 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain, and is considered by many connoisseurs to be the world’s finest.
    • Lively Up Espresso – replaces the Kingston City Espresso.
    • One Love – is 100% Ethioia Yirgacheffe with exotic floral and berry notes to tantalize your palate.
    • Simmer Down – is the renamed version of “Mountain Roast Decaf”.

    Can’t decide on just one Marley Coffee Pod?

    Try the Marley Coffee Pods Variety Sampler Package which includes: 3 Get Up Stand Up, 3 Lively Up Espresso, 3 Simmer Down Decaf, 3 One Love, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee Pods.

    Marley Tea Pods

    • Marley Masala Chai Tea – is a rich blend of malty Indian Assam with cinnamon, ginger, fancy green cardamom, and natural flavors.
    • Marley Rooibos Citron Tea – is naturally caffeine-free, and very high in antioxidants.
    • Marley White Citrus Tea – is white tea from China, with a delightful finish of fresh citrus.
    Having trouble deciding on a Marley Tea Pod flavor?

    Try one of our Marley Tea Pods Variety Sampler Package that includes: 4 Masala Chi, 4 White Citrus, and 4 Rooibus Citron Tea Pods.

    Marley Coffee Pods and Tea Pods are just some of the coffee and tea pod choices that you can choose from with davescoffeepods.com.  Check out our other lines that include Senseo Coffee Pods, Café Diario, Café Classics Coffee and Tea Pods, and The Donut Shop Coffee Pods.

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