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  1. Donut Shop Coffee Pods

    There’s just something about coffee that makes our day start off a little brighter. Maybe it’s the caffeine, maybe it’s the sweet brewing aroma, maybe it’s the delicious flavor, or maybe it’s simply a matter of looking forward to indulging in something we love. Whatever the case may be, a box (or two or three) of Donut Shop coffee pods might be just what you need to start your day off brighter.

    When we have donuts in the morning, we call it breakfast, so technically speaking, when we drink coffee in the morning, that’s breakfast too, right? Coffee=breakfast? Yep, sounds logical. Donut Shop single coffee pods combine the amazing flavors of the two so you can have one absolutely delicious breakfast – you know, the
     kind you can still taste at lunch!

    Donut Shop Coffee Pods Popular Flavors

    Donut Shop Coffee Pods
    We know it can be difficult to choose between all the delectable flavors of Donut Shop coffee pods, so go ahead and order several different varieties and have a coffee cupping session with your friends. Treat yourself; you deserve it!

    Here are some of the popular choices of Donut Shop coffee pods we are currently offering:

    • Donut Shop Apple Fritter – who doesn’t love apple fritters?!

    • Donut Shop Chocolate Coconut Cake – cake for breakfast? Why not?

    • Donut Shop Cinnamon Coffee Cake – spicy cake for breakfast? Even better!

    • Donut Shop Double Dip Chocolate – chocolate on top of chocolate right when you wake up? Um, yes!

    • Donut Shop Jelly Filled – you just can’t beat a cup of jelly-filled coffee with your jelly-filled donut! (Sadly, it’s flavoring only; there won't actually be jelly in your cup…unless you add it yourself. Wait. What? Us? No! Next subject!)

    Coffee-Making Isn’t What It Used to Be

    Before the invention of Donut Shop coffee pods, making coffee used to be a more burdensome process. First, there were all those directions for making coffee. Then there was the scooping of the messy coffee grounds (which we all know where those end up…counters, floors…ah, the good ole days), the hope that they didn’t spill over the side of the filter during the brewing process. And then there was the clean-up of the grounds from the counter, the floor (and the bottom of your feet), the filter basket, and sometimes the coffee pot.

    Okay, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration of the trouble we used to go through to make a pot of coffee, but the point is, it’s easier today.

    Donut Shop coffee pods simplify the coffee making process with their innovative single coffee pods. You just open an individually wrapped Donut Shop single coffee pod, drop it in the filter basket, and you’re done. No more loose coffee grounds and no more coffee filters, which means no more mess! Part of the convenience that these coffee pods provide is that they’re a huge time saver – a very important aspect when you’re trying to make a Monday-morning cup of coffee with one foot out the door.

    Our Donut Shop Coffee Pods are “Better than you remember!”

  2. Donut Shop Single

    Isn’t it time to start your morning off right? At Dave’s Coffee Pods, you can get some decadent flavors of Donut Shop single coffee pods that are sure to wake you up right. We have classic coffee flavors plus some pretty awesome flavor blends that will make your taste buds thank you.
    If we’ve piqued your interest - and hopefully we have - in our Donut Shop single pods, check out some of the scrumptious flavors we carry.

    Donut Shop Single Coffee Pod Flavors

    Butter Toffee – Buttery, toffee, guilty
    Chocolate Espresso – Belgium chocolate espresso
    French Vanilla Cruller – Vanilla cream delight
    Honey Oatmeal Cookie – Oatmeal cookie with a dash of honey glaze
    Maple Glazed – Vermont maple nirvana

    If these flavors are too much for your everyday palate, don’t worry! For all the classic coffee drinkers among us, we also carry the typical coffee flavors that you know and love, plus some with a little more get up and go.

    Classic Donut Shop Single Coffee Pod Flavors

    Donut Shop – The original
    Donut Shop Dark Roast – Dark & smooth
    Double Caff – Caffeine enhanced brew
    Decaf Donut Shop – Smooth & piquant

    Whether you choose a new or classic flavor of the Donut Shop single pods, you will get the most aromatic, delectable tasting wake me up in a cup you can imagine. Each coffee pod is individually wrapped for maximum freshness in every cup. And the best part is, our Donut Shop single pods are compatible with Senseo coffee makers and most other single serve brewing machines, so you can enjoy them right out of your current machine.

    If you’re ready to start your morning off with a zing, try our Donut Shop single coffee pods today. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your taste buds. Wake up the right way at Dave’s Coffee Pods. Our Donut Shop Classics are better than you remember!

  3. Donut Shop Coffee Pods

    At DavesCoffeePods.com, we carry so many flavors of Donut Shop coffee pods, you are sure to find at least one you like! Having trouble deciding which delectable flavor to try first? No problem! We also carry a variety sampler pack, which lets you try one of each of our 12 Donut Shop coffee pod flavors. It doesn’t get better than that!

    If you’ve come to DavesCoffeePods.com, chances are you’re looking for a good cup of coffee – and who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee! The exhilarating flavors of our Donut Shop coffee pods are sure to wake you and your taste buds up. Try our Donut Shop coffee pods variety sampler pack and discover your favorite new coffee flavor today!
    Donut Shop coffee pods come in some yummy donut-complementing flavors such as:

    Apple Fritter
    Blueberry Cobbler
    Cinnamon Coffee Cake
    Chocolate Coconut Cake
    Double Dip Chocolate
    Jelly Filled
    And more!
    If these pastry-flavored coffee pods are not your thing, don’t fret! We also carry original flavors like Donut Shop, which is a medium original roast; Donut Shop Dark, a bold version of the original; Decaf Donut Shop, a medium original roast without the caffeine; and French Vanilla Cruller, which is a medium roast with a warm vanilla cream flavor.
    Our Donut Shop coffee pods are roasted and packaged by the National Coffee Roasters. The pods are ground immediately before packing and we remove 98% of the oxygen in the pod, so you can be sure you are always getting the freshest coffee available. As an added benefit, our pods are compostable so they are friendly with our environment. 
    What wakes you up in the morning? Order now at DavesCoffeePods.com.

  4. Now in Stock:  Donut Shop Coffee Pods

    Davescoffeepods.com is now offering Donut Coffee Pods in addition to our other Senseo Coffee Pods and tea pods.  They are a line of coffee pods that take you back to a simpler time when the roasting of coffee was an art rather than a commodity.  Our Donut Shop Blend offers a line-up of new flavors.

    Donut Shop Blends are now yours through our reliable online ordering.  Now the choice you are faced with it what flavor to try first?  Listed below are the Donut Shop Blend flavors that are currently available, with a brief description.

    Donut Shop Coffee PodsDonut Shop Blend Flavors available:

    • Donut Shop – Medium- “Better than you Remember”, “The Original”.
    • Donut Shop Dark – Bold- Our Bold Version of “The Original”.
    • Decaf Donut Shop – Medium- Like “The Original”, But Without the Caffeine.
    • Apple Fritter – Medium- Sweet and Tart, with a Kiss of Cinnamon.
    • Blueberry Cobbler – Medium- Blueberry, Cinnamon, and Cream.
    • Boston Cream – Medium- Creamy Custard Chocolate Dream.
    • Cinnamon Coffee Cake – Medium- Delicious and Delectable.  (Aunt Tilly’s Recipe)
    • Chocolate Coconut Cake – Medium- Dark Chocolate Drizzled over Coconut.
    • Double Dip Chocolate – Medium-Chocolate and more Chocolate.
    • French Vanilla Cruller – Medium- Vanilla Cream Delight.
    • Jelly Filled – Medium-Sweet, Tasty, and Traditional.
    • Maple Glazed – Medium- Vermont Maple, under a fresh baked glaze of sugar.

    Can’t decide?  Davescoffeepods.com also has the Donut Shop Variety Sampler Package of coffee pods, that lets you get one of each of the Donut Shop Coffee Pods.

    Each pod is an individually wrapped, so that each pod stays fresh until you are ready to use it.  The pods have a 61mm round flat top, for maximum capabilities.  Each and every pod has the exact amount of coffee for one 8 oz. cup.  Roasted and packaged by the National Coffee Roasters to ensure the freshest coffee available.

    Davescoffeepods.com is looking forward to filling your Donut Shop Blend Coffee Pod order. 
    Order yours online today from DavesCoffePods.com for a whole new experience with your morninng coffee! 

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