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Donut Shop

Donut Shop Coffee Pods

Only the highest quality coffees make our at-home pods!

Think back to simpler times when quality and craftsmanship mattered and sourcing and roasting coffee was an art, not just a commodity. Exciting new flavors in a retro yet vibrant, fresh look. Our Donut Shop blend anchors a line-up of all new flavors.

Welcome to yesterday with Donut Shop Classics ... "Better than you remember!"

Donut Shop Classics coffee pods are conveniently packed in 15-count boxes, allowing you to try all of our delicious flavors, or our original Donut Shop, decaf and dark blends. Our coffee pods are offered at a fair and competitive price and being compostable, they are friendly to our environment. Donut Shop Classics coffee pods are ground immediately before packing and we remove 98% of the oxygen in the pod to ensure the freshest pod available. You're sure to taste the difference in a Donut Shop Classics coffee pod.

National Coffee Roasters is dedicated to the craft of roasting the finest coffees from plantations and co-ops around the globe. Only 100% Arabica beans meet our standards for our slow roasted, air-cooled coffees.

We are committed to quality and are confident that you will agree with each cup of our coffee.

  • Each pod is individually package so that each pod stays fresh until ready to use
  • The pods are 61mm round flat top (emerging as the industry standard) for maximum compatibility
  • Each pod is packed with exactly the right amount of coffee for an 8 ounce cup
  • Roasted and packaged by National Coffee Roasters (roasted on demand to ensure the freshest coffee pod available)

Available Donut Shop Coffee Pods

Donut Shop - MEDIUM - The Original and "Better than you remember!"

Donut Shop Dark - BOLD - Our bold version of the original Donut Shop.

Decaf Donut Shop - MEDIUM - Like the original but without the caffeine.

Honey Oatmeal Cookie - MEDIUM - Oatmeal crisp with a touch of honey and cinnamon.

Butter Toffee - MEDIUM - Smooth creamy caramelized butter with a sweet finish.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake - MEDIUM - Delicious and delectable. Aunt Tilly's recipe.

Chocolate Coconut Cake - MEDIUM - Dark chocolate drizzled over coconut.

Chocolate Espresso - ROBUST - Belgium chocolate and a rich, heavy, robust espresso.

Double Dip Chocolate - MEDIUM - Chocolate and more chocolate.

French Vanilla Cruller - MEDIUM - Vanilla cream delight.

Double Caff - EXTREME BOLD - 3 - 2 - 1 BLAST OFF with a caffeine-enhanced brew!

Maple Glazed - MEDIUM - Vermont maple syrup under a fresh-baked glaze of sugar.

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