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The Original Senseo Machine is Back!

Order Your New and Improved Senseo Original Now!

original senseo coffee brewer

The Original Senseo coffee maker HD7810 for the North American market is in stock and available for immediate shipping. Purchase a Senseo coffee maker and Senseo coffee pods and receive a $5.00 discount. Enter discount code Summer5 during checkout. (Discount code is case sensitive).

The new and improved machine features a new boiler for a hotter first cup, a brew-stop feature, a new premium machine finish, and a 30-minute auto shut-off. It has a unique, patented, pressurized brewing system that brews a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute.

You can place your order online or if you prefer, you can place your order by calling us at 740-888-1926.

Get the best deal with our volume discounts by ordering 9 (or more) bags of Senseo coffee pods with your Senseo Original machine - you'll save 5% on your entire order!

Announcing a Brand New Way to Enjoy Your Senseo Coffee

senseo cold brewThere is a new usage opportunity for Senseo coffee and it’s called Senseo Cold Brew coffee! It’s the new trend in coffee, and Senseo offers the advantage because their smaller pods allow you to make a more specific amount of cold brew (read: your cold brew coffee is more customizable to your specific taste). Senseo tastes OUTSTANDING when cold-brewed per the recipe below (which can then be tailored to personal taste).

Take 8 Senseo pods in your favorite flavor and add 2 cups of cold, filtered water to a pitcher 1-quart or greater in size. Steep for 24 hours in the refrigerator. After steeping, remove the pods and add 1½ cups of cold, filtered water to the pitcher. Stir and enjoy throughout the day or week!

Customize the total brewed amount and taste by adding more or less pods and water (e.g. steep 18 pods in 4 cups cold, filtered water, then add 3 more cups of water after 24 hours; or, add 4 pods to 1 cup of cold, filtered water, steep for 24 hours, then add ¾ cup of cold, filtered water and enjoy), then serve your favorite way: directly over ice, with milk, sweet cream, almond milk, coconut milk, and/or your favorite sweetener. Don’t be afraid to play around with it to find the perfect combination for your taste of Senseo Cold Brew coffee!

Enjoy the great Senseo coffee taste in a new and delicious way!

Senseo Coffee Pods

  • Breakfast Blend - Smooth, bright, and mild flavor (18 coffee pods per bag)
  • Colombian Blend - Aromatic coffee, with a strong, full taste (16 coffee pods per bag)
  • Dark Roast - Pleasantly strong (18 coffee pods per bag)
  • Decaffeinated - Like the original medium roast, but without the caffeine (18 coffee pods per bag)
  • Espresso - Smooth and strong coffee with a fine crema layer (16 coffee pods per bag)
  • Kona Blend - Senseo's newest blend, 10% Kona beans (16 coffee pods per bag)
  • Medium Roast - Aromatic and rich (18 coffee pods per bag)
  • Paris French Vanilla - A simply sweet French vanilla caramel blend (16 coffee pods per bag)
  • Sumatra - Arabica beans have an intense and lively flavor (16 coffee pods per bag)
  • Vienna Hazelnut - A smooth dance of hazelnut, vanilla, and mocha (16 coffee pods per bag)

Marley Coffee & Tea Pods

Five different blends of Marley coffee pods (including certified 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans), plus a 12-pod sampler pack

Get up, Stand up
Lively Up Espresso
One Love, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Simmer Down Decaf
Smile Jamaica

Three different flavors of Marley tea pods, plus a sampler pack

Masala Chai Tea
White Citrus Tea
Rooibus Citron Tea

All pods are compatible with Senseo coffee makers and most other single-serve brewers.

Everything you need for your Senseo coffee maker

Low prices, quick shipping, & volume discounts

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All emails answered promptly (usually within 24 hours)

Best Value

Purchase 10 items (any combination)

Get 5% off the purchase price (not including S&H)

$4.55 per bag of Senseo coffee pods (after 5% discount)

Try Café Classics and Donut Shop Coffee & Tea Pods

Compatible with Senseo coffee makers and most other single serve coffee brewers

Variety sampler packs available at a reduced price

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